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Our Offices



Floor 1, The Clement Rooms, 218 Strand, Temple, WC2R 1AT

Common Questions

What is BTI?

BTI was established by fashion entrepreneurs who recognised the difficulties in growing fashion brands. 

Our services cover clothing production managed using innovative custom design and order management software, and Creative and Business Advisory services helping fashion brands grow.

We are building a centre of excellence for every facet a fashion brand needs to focus on.

Where are you located?

With clients around the world, we decided to open an office and showroom in central London that our clients can use as much or as little as they like. Our address is 217 Strand, WC2R 1AT.

Why are our services better value than competitors?

Spinning out from a major European fashion family, BTI clients benefit from the wider groups purchasing power and economies of scale, meaning that start up and existing fashion brands that opt to use BTI for production, will often be saving money on each order.

I want to use BTI’s Creative and Business Advisory services but not production, can I do that?

Yes - we understand client’s requirement are unique, so we will happily offer Creative and Business Advisory services independent of clothing production. We take pride in offering a bespoke solution to our clients.

I want to use BTI’s production services only, can I do that?

Yes - BTI clients gain access to our wider services but can pick and choose what best serves their fashion brand.