Made to measure

BTI has a track of record of successfully launching MTM tailoring businesses internationally. BTI offers over 700 men and women’s items in 4000+ fabrics, helping those who wish to set up their own made to-measure “MTM” retail business, fashion company or clothing line to succeed.

Our solution

Customised house collection fabric books
Try-on sets
Order management software
Access to a wide variety of formal, knit and casual-wear MTM garments
Ongoing support from the BTI team

Technology driving your business forward

Decide which products you wish to sell in your collection
Product pipeline
We are actively adding new products and fabrics to the offering, meaning you keep up with current trends
Update your range
Save your product list and update your collection with ease
Unrivalled variety
700 men and women’s items in 3000+ fabrics to choose from (and growing!)
Make it unique
Choose from a range of unique features to make the collection feel your own, such as button types, linings and lapel styles
Use your logo
Branding on both the platform and your clothing will use your own logo

Flexibility and functionality

Use your branding so the full client experience feels like your own
Order dashboard
Fully customisable dashboard, allowing you to effectively make, track and manage your sales
Product & fabric lists
Set which items are sold in your shop
Order management
Make, amend and track your orders
MTM or standard size
Clothes can either be bespoke items or standard sizing
Built by the best
Built on Oracle Netsuite enterprise software


Once client measurements are taken and the order is submitted using the custom order management software, we will deliver the item to your office or shop anywhere in the world.

Delivery time up to 6 weeks.

We currently partner with clients in a variety of countries such as the UK, US, Belgium, Mexico and Dubai

Ethical production

With the rise of fast fashion amongst consumers, there is an ongoing issue with unethical labour practices.​

At BTI we are proud to take a different approach.​

We specifically partner with suppliers committed to responsible production, promoting fair wages and offering employees a great place to work.​

Our supplier champions these ideals, providing great working conditions, an insurance and housing fund for employees whilst ensuring employees receive a food and housing allowance.

Our commitment

30% (and growing) of our partner factories use electricity derived from solar power. In recognition of the factories commitment to the environment and its community, our production partner has been awarded the following certifications:

SA8000 – the world’s leading social certification program, based on internationally recognised standards of decent work, including the Universal Declaration of human rights and ILO conventions.​

ISO9001 – ensuring comprehensive quality management, which results in products made to a very high quality and that are consistently delivered.​

IS014001 – ensuring implementation of an environmental management system that meaningfully contributes to sustainability

Our showroom

Situated in the heart of London, the show room is moments away from the River Thames, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. With views over the Royal Courts of Justice, the location offers a unique setting for creating a memorable tailoring experience.​

Our showroom is free of charge to use for all clients.​

Complete with men's and ladies try-on sets, our complete house fabric collection and clothing samples.

​BTI operate a booking system making it simple to book meetings, dependent on availability.

The one stop shop for retail entrepreneurs to grow their fashion brand. We are BTI.

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