A Day In The Life of an intern at BTI

Giorgia joined the BTI team for a day’s work experience. Read on to learn how the day panned out!
December 21, 2023
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Today I had the fabulous opportunity to have a day inside the BTI office. Here, I learned a flavour of how BTI is able to take a brands idea, whether it be turning a piece of sourced denim into a trench coat or revamping a tailored classic into a modern masterpiece, into the finished product.

The day started by James (Chief Operating Officer) showing me around the office and taking me through how BTI works. After this, we went through some of the garments and fabrics BTI offers and how customisable they can be. Notably, James showed me the technology involved within BTI and how integral it is for their operations to be sustainable. As a individual, like many others, I am aware of the negative impact of fashion on the environment. Consequently, I found this incredibly interesting. For example, as BTI operates on a completely made to order basis, there is no waste; both time and fabric. This perhaps is where I felt BTI really is a  step ahead of other manufactures and brands as their best interest is transparent for both client and planet.

As the day carried on, I was set with the task of prospecting new clients and also having a takeover on BTI’s instagram: check out my day in the life as a intern on BTI’s instagram. With lots of creative and strategic work later my day was complete.

Overall, the value of the BTI’s mission left me inspired and keen to set up my own brand as the assurance and quality of their service is hugely exciting.

Thank you BTI for having me!




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