BTI Turns Two: Celebrating Our Journey and Sharing Insights for Scaling in 2024

BTI, a fashion production and business consultancy, reflects on its two-year journey and shares top tips for scaling in 2024, including exploring made-to-measure and made-to-order options, reinventing formalwear, and staying ahead of the curve with sartorial insights.
December 21, 2023
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In January, BTI will be two years old, which gives the team a chance to reflect on our journey; from ambitious start-up to a business relied upon by over 30 fashion brands around the world.

It's fascinating how a company naturally shifts in line with changing client requirements. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships with suppliers and clients, and its these relationships that provide the most useful information for shaping our company strategy.

Last year Robin penned three key focus areas for brands looking to scale in 2023:

  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Creating a Digital Strategy
  • Founder Mentoring.

Over the last 12 months we've worked with recognised brands in the UK and abroad. Each has brought unique challenges to our growing team. It’s these challenges that have shaped our company and helped produce useful marketing, sales, and product insights for existing and potential clients.

We are extremely grateful for the support and trust of our community and look forward to supporting you in a prosperous 2024.

With that said, here are my top three tips for scaling in 2024:

Ever considered a move into Made to Measure?

Made To Measure is the process of creating custom clothing, fitted specifically to client body measurements, to a high-quality finish and fit. Clothes are produced only when ordered reducing material and stock wastage.

It’s interesting how frequently existing Ready To Wear brands use our Made To Order service. From a business perspective it can be a great way of diversifying income and has a low barrier to entry in terms of cost.

My tip for brands would be to explore Made To Measure and Made To Order. We can help, as we offer formal wear, ladies wear, casual wear, knitwear, trainers and more.

Formal wear reinvented.

Formal wear will continue to be redefined in 2024, as consumers prioritise versatility for work attire and events. However, we expect special occasions to be marked with statement-making outfits.

The formal wear category rebounded better than expected in 2022-23 and continues to grow as a post COVID world settles upon the overall definition of formal wear. But what does 2024's iteration look like?

I predict traditional formal wear for special occasions to thrive. 2023 has seen double breasted jackets make a big return, as well as formal pocket and lapel treatment. The current trend in wide peak lapels will soften and a more casual look will enter the market in 2024.

The hybrid jacket, bomber jacket and gilets are all trending in mainland Europe and offer another interesting avenue to bridge the formal/casual wear gap.

However, you and your clients’ definition of formal wear will be unique. And we are ready to assist. The team are constantly considering new options and trends to make sure brands using our services stay one step ahead of the game.

Stay ahead of the curve

We are passionate about providing our clients with value creating insights, alongside the Production, Creative and Business Advisory services we offer.

Each month we distribute 'The Preview', a newsletter covering key events, sartorial trends and topics business owners in fashion need to be aware of.

The BTI team recognised there was an opportunity to add value through insights as a point of difference in the MTM and RTW production space, allowing our community to stay one sartorial step ahead for the upcoming month.

In 2023, the brands that created emotive narrative in alignment with their offering, most effectively connected with consumers. We aim to provide a knowledge platform where we offer data and insight led news to help our customers thrive.

We are absolutely committed to our clients through our production, creative and advisory services as it's our clients that have shaped BTI more than anyone.




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