London Fashion Week 2023

Discover the top fashion trends for AW23 as we gear up for London Fashion Week 2023, with insights on must-have items and how to elevate your client's style game.
December 21, 2023
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It’s a big week in the capital this week when it comes to style, as London Fashion Week 2023 descends on the city.

A celebration of visionary British designers, who utilise their moment in the spotlight to put on visually dynamic, statement-making shows. And to tell the rest of the world what will be in vogue the following year.

It’s prompted us to talk trends, insofar as we want to make sure our amazing community knows what to produce for their loyal customers, to ensure they’re optimally equipped for the coming months.

Disclaimer; we know that LFW23 previews SS24, but we wanted an excuse to talk trends and what to produce, so allow us to crowbar this one.

So, as we approach AW23, what should you be producing to ensure you enhance the wardrobes of your clients and customers?

Field Jackets

Synonymous with A-grade actors, including De Niro (Taxi Driver) and Stallone (First Blood), these garments are a must have in your arsenal for your customers.

We’ll help you offer them something truly unique to elevate their style to Hollywood heights.


A versatile piece of kit, whether your clients are city slickers, or work on the farm. But there are gilets, and there are gilets.

We’ll help to make sure, yours are the latter.

Rain coats

In Autumn and Winter, most places get more rain.. But you can either get wet with grace or be the person hiding under their newspaper or laptop case.

It’s your job to make sure your clients are stylishly kitted out for such conditions. And it’s ours to help you achieve that.


Constructed like shirts but can be worn as jackets. The onion of the clothing world – optimal layering.

Hit the correct range of fabrics and options so you’re offering the client options. We can help you source multiple materials!

Bomber Jackets

Made famous by elite fighter pilots, who fought in uninsulated cockpits. Sky high quality is key for your product, to leave the sea of crap quality bombers on the ground.

Guess what? We have access to the perfect materials, to ensure your run soars, and is diverse and dynamic.


Why is it called a Pea Coat? Created by the Dutch military in 1800s, Pije means coarse wool in Dutch. A winterwear staple, especially for a strong smart casual look.

Our Pije contacts are next level, we got you.

Heavier Outerwear

Quilted Jacket

Where style meets functionality and a great option for your clients, as it’s a brilliant piece for the transitional weather.

These can be done poorly; we’ve seen it, so let’s work together to ensure you offer a contemporary approach.

2 Ply Knitwear

Two strands of yarn have been twisted together to make these epic pieces, perfect for AW layering.

We’ll provide a working relationship, similar to that of 2 ply knitwear – Collaborate to innovate!

With clients showcasing and attending, BTI are proud to play their role supporting brands at London Fashion Week.

Interested to learn more about BTI’s production, creative and business advisory services? Get in touch via


Alex Noble


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