Social media trends - Tips for brands scaling in 2023

BTI social media consultant Alex Noble gives his social media predictions for 2023
April 3, 2023
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With a background in both B2C and B2B organic and paid social media, Alex’s career spans across several industries, including luxury fashion, lifestyle, sport, fintech and banking. He has worked his way up from multi-brand community management, to head up social media strategy for global corporations. 

Prediction 1 New Standards for Social Media Cookies are being dunked…

... and 72% of marketers believe digital advertising will take a step backwards because of it.  A new standard will soon be set on social:

Brand and community building will now be more integral than direct response marketing

Authenticity of voice and a deeper understanding of audience is critical

Consumers need to trust the content they engage with. KEY: The best way to an authentic voice; through you and your people. 

Prediction 2: all about community

It’s time for symbiotic relationships, where we better understand our audience and online topics of conversation. Follower counts are no longer the litmus test for trust:

• Build communities around (nano) influencers and consumers, with the focal metric engagement rate %

• Instead of broadcasting messages at personas, build communities which are the foundations for dialogue. KEY Brands win when they make it about their community and not themselves.  

Prediction 3: Nano Influencer Collaboration

Can bring substance, trust and authenticity to the marketing mix. These people are followed by their circles of influence and likely not many people beyond that:

• Authentic Appeal | Quality Engagement | Relatively Low Cost 

• They offer a better way of liaising with a relevant network and sparking two-way conversation 

• Built on the back of the craving for authenticity and the idea that this macro influencers will do anything for money, without being loyal to a specific sector. KEY: Likely to have a much higher engagement rate % and get the most bang for your buck. 

Prediction 4 Customer Experience and Personalisation

You must understand and address audience pain points. Social Listening

• Know the word on the proverbial street is re; your brand and industry 

• If you are following the conversation, it gives you the opportunity to pitch in 

Content built for audience purpose

• Use audience FAQs to understand what content to build out 

• Up your creativity to boost our visibility and conversions. KEY: Creating dialogue with your audience is a great way to provide great customer. 

Prediction 5 The Environment can no longer be an afterthought

Action speaks louder than words. 

Climate neutrality is the standard by which companies will be held. 82% say they would rather learn about people and the planet before profit: 

The 4 Cs: 

• Commitment to a set of values and ethical principles 

• Congruence in word and deed

• Consistency of ethical behaviours over time

• Coherence in intention and action KEY: ESG efforts must be genuine and ingrained in culture and brand. About the author: Alex Noble

BTI Social Media Marketing Consultant

Alex is Head of Social Media at The Bank of London, having previously worked for the likes of Finastra, Bright Partnerships, Frisson Creative Agency and The Dapper Chapper.


Alex Noble

Alex is Head of Social Media at The Bank of London, having previously worked for the likes of Finastra, Bright Partnerships, Frisson Creative Agency and The Dapper Chapper.

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